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Our job as paranormal investigators is to deal with the public, take phone calls and set up meetings with clients. The type of jobs we take are anything to do with paranormal activity and hauntings. South Western Ontario Paranormal Society is here to provide helpful information and to assist you with the paranormal situations that you are experiencing.  Our primary goal is to prove you are being faced with paranormal activity through tested investigation techniques.  Besides investigating we also are here to help provide learning material for the beginner ghost hunter and allow you to see what's out there.  This site is for people to learn about ghosts and other levels of the paranormal.


 We have investigated the following places:



Mel Loyd Centre ,Shelburne Ontario

Shelburne Town Hall,Shelburne Ontario

Museum On the Boyne,Aliston,Ontario


"To get our feet wet" as they say, We went into Shelburne town hall and asked if we could investigate as we had seen and heard some stuff when we were in there for other things, We have also seen people in the windows at night while walking past, we eventually had to go to a meeting with the town council and stated our idea, a few days later we got a letter in the mail from council stating our request was approved. So we got some friends together who were skeptics and decided we were going to take them with us, We had every piece of equipment at the disposal of a ghost hunter for the investigation



Thorough investigations take anywhere between two to six hours depending on the amount of activity and how big the establishment is.



 * we also do certification for people wanting to be an investigator... if your interested in anymore information please feel free to contact us*


Equiptment Used

List of equiptment regularly used: 

Video Camera


Gauss Meter

Digital Camera

Digital Recorder


EMF Detector


Notebook or Laptop for notes

Tripod for cameras

Instructional Book (Eg: Ghost Tech lesser EMF Edition),The Everything Ghost Hunting Book)

T.V. Screen


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